original mast Radio Alpha - a cross
Radio Alpha-ccfm staff connect transmitter
new transmitter from HCJB-Radio Alpha
Radio Africa Network (RAN) and Radio CCFm, Cape Town, partnered with Jan
Otto, local Christians and Radio CCFm to establish Radio Alfa (formerly known
as Radio Alpha).
Radio Alfa, 97.8Fm
Badplaas, South Africa
Radio Alfa's broadcasts assist rural communities to receive regular Biblical
teaching as the communities are too poor to engage full time pastors. The
broadcasts continue the teaching of their itinerant pastors.
Radio Alfa broadcasts from Badplaas to listeners aged 16 to 39. The radio
Programming is aimed at the Zulu and Swazi community but also caters to the
English and Afrikaans listeners with a mix of 40% music and 60% talk. The
broadcast languages are English, Afrikaans, Siswati and Zulu.
Radio Alfa, 97.8Fm
Badplaas, South Africa
Radio Alfa's website is: www.alfaradio.co.za. The website is "under